RDX CodeMerger

Delphi Tools and Components
  • Developer: RDX Software
  • Home page: rdxsoft.com
  • License type: Commercial
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Code Merger is a utility to compare and merge sourcercodes. The current version of the program supports Object Pascal and Delphi forms (DFM) formats. The utility provides the parsing of sourcecodes, building the syntax tree with display of names of program objects (classes, procedures, functions etc.) The syntax tree shows a hierarchal view of changed, added and removed program objects. This allows fast navigation to inspect change details in sourcecodes. All difference strings are highlited in source editors with some colors. The basic advantage of using build-in syntax analyzer is the independence of the arrangement of program objects in program files. Procedures and methods can be mixed in any order, however it will not affect on CodeMerger in any way.The program has attractive graphical user interface with "ribbon" controls. It supports hotkeys, and some nice modern skins. Features * integration with Tortoise SVN, Perforce, MS VSS ; * nice modern skins; * sourcecode syntax analyzing; * show of deleted, added, modifying blocks; * structured tree building; * smart code navigation; * code folding; * syntax highlighting; * drag-n-drop between documents; * saving changes; CM has flexible user interface, which provides vertical or horizontal layout.


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