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MeLite provides exceptional power for a reduced rate. Geared towards the beginning programmer and student, MeLite gives you Intelligent Language Support with ‘Smart Indenting,’ code templates, brace/construct matching, and auto commenting as you type! Also included is our language sensitive code highlighting, for any language! The ‘function tagging’ feature supports, ASP, Ada, Aspect, BASIC, VB, Batch, CSS, PERL, Java, Javascript, FORTRAN, Delphi and many more. MeLite also contains the ability to add your own language support and enhanced HTML support. With MeLite your Keyboard mappings, menus can imitate others and be fully customized. Change fonts, colors, screen layout, even toolbars from one easy interface. All dialogs are resizable. MeLite’s editing features increase your programming prowess. Concurrently edit up to 255 DOS, UNIX, and Binary files of any size with line lengths up to 16k!! Now that’s Power! Regex Support? As with its’ bigger brother Multi-Edit, MeLite has one of the most configurable and fast search/replace engines. Search across multiple files, folders, directories and drives. Define the perfect parameter with regular expression support. Find text as you type incrementally. Once you’re text is found, it’s highlighted throughout the entire file. A bookmark feature helps ease the transition between editing positions in a file. Jump back and forth between different positions quickly and simply with MeLite’s Bookmark feature. Utilize MeLite’s own file/compare/merge utility. Flip into Hex mode with a simple switch and see your files for what they really are. Automate an unlimited number of tasks with MeLite’s editable keystroke macros. Also MeLite will allow you to undo and redo as far back as the opening of the file. Do all this and more. See our website for a complete listing of features.

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