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MoneyToys Refinancing Calculator can help your web site visitors decide whether refinancing their current mortgage is a financially sound idea by comparing their current loan with the possible refi loan. Easily installed with instructions. Simply fill in the white edit boxes with values which reflect the status of your current loan and with values for the refinancing loan you are considering. This is a great tool for playing 'what if'? The MoneyToys(tm) collection of 15 calculators for web sites make it easy for real estate webmasters to install financial calculators on their web sites! With a few lines of HTML and MoneyToys(tm) website calculators you can quickly add online interactivity to your web site! Put MoneyToys calculators on your web site and your visitors can perform financial calculations without leaving your site! MoneyToys add immediate and longterm value. You get a time tested, customer proven set of financial calculators for your web site. You receive a cost-effective, perpetual license for financial calculators that add user-friendly functionality to your website giving visitors a reason to return. MoneyToys(tm) online financial calculators are designed to give real estate webmasters a simple way to add instant interactivity to a web site by providing financial calculator applets which are easily added to a web site. Installation is easy! Copy the online calculator to the appropriate directory on your web server and add the HTML code to your web page. That's all it takes! You can set your own initial values for the calculators and you can make the colors match YOUR site! Includes step-by-step installation instructions and three sample web pages with cut-and-paste code for your web pages.

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