Error handling in Visual Basic

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Error Code Add-In With Focus On: Performance - Variable Contents - Work Flow - Security. (1)Performance: - NO error tracing or handling code is executed in normal operation - The error handling and tracing code is ONLY run on error. (2)Variable Contents: - The Code added by IEA can trace the content of all variables dimensioned in an application. (3)Work Flow: - To help You the code added by IEA is adapted to fit different situation this includes the code you add. - For errors you are aware of and want to handle you can add a Custom Case (CC) - The CC are converted between 'Select Case err' based and 'if Err = X' For convenience and performance(4)Security: - Several layers of security protects your code - One of the most visible is the unique string (a GUID) attached to each line added by IEA. - The GUID is used to make the remove process as safe as possible. - The source code for the SimpleIEHRemover add-in is include, and as the core is only10 lines it is simple! (Only works On 8 modules in your project until registered.)


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