DevForce & Report Sharp-Shooter Silverlight Bundle

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DevForce & Report Sharp-Shooter Silverlight Bundle - widen your development horizons! Report delivery is going forward at a steady gain and requires more sophisticated support. No need to worry about it any longer - DevForce & Report Sharp-Shooter Silverlight Bundle is intended for solving any problems considering report delivery. A unique combination of two essential components, this product gives developers great opportunities of making web-reports using advanced features of Silverlight technology. Devforce can easily manage all the business objects involved into your project - take any data from any model due to Devforce technology! With DevForce Silverlight you quickly build a domain model with custom business logic, validation and security … a model that's easy to maintain and evolve to keep pace with requirements. Business objects, asynchronous persistence management, caching for performance, and offline scenarios are out-of-the-box simple. Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight is known as a reliable, high-quality and flexible reporting tool. You don't need anything but a browser and internet access. The reports can contain several data sources and are easy-to-make. Nice-looking smooth view of your reports will delight all the users exploring it. One should keep in mind all the export abilities of the product: PDF, HTML, Excel and RTF files could be generated in seconds. Server-side component called Report Manager will turn the process of report-making into a couple of clicks. Do not forget that all your reports will always be up-to-date: every smallest change will be included and delivered to user immediately. The reports could be viewed in any browser and don't require installation of any other programs. One should add an easy navigation and easy-to-use search. DevForce and Report Sharp-Shooter Silverlight Bundle will relieve developers from two heavy headaches of Silverlight applications building: data infrastructure and reporting capabilities.

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