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DB2 Maestro is a powerful solution for the DB2 server administration and development. It allows you to create, edit, copy and drop all the database objects such as users, views, triggers, functions, procedures, aliases, packages, sequences, types, etc., build queries visually, execute queries and SQL scripts, view and edit data including BLOBs, represent data as diagrams, analyze your data summarized into multidimensional views and hierarchies (OLAP cubes), export and import data to/from most popular file formats, manage DB2 users and their privileges, and use a lot of other tools designed for the easiest and most efficient work with DB2. Please consider the short list of DB2 Maestro features below: support for 8.x/9.x DB2 server versions; easy database management; particular database object management; advanced data management; user-friendly interface; building and executing queries; original security management; powerful BLOB viewer/editor; Database Designer; data analysis with OLAP cubes; data export module; data import module and more. DB2 Maestro is addressing for those who appreciate user-friendly program interface when working with DB2.

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