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Batch DOC TO CHM Generator can convert Word DOC/DOCX (*.docx,*.doc,*.htm,*.html,*.mht,*.mhtml,*.rtf,*.txt,*.pwd,*.psw) to CHM/HTML Help automatically. Batch DOC TO CHM Converter supports powerful search function, it can convert a lot of files in the folder. Batch DOC TO CHM Generator supports project and command line. Batch DOC TO CHM Converter has a friendly GUI so it is used very easily. When the conversion action is processing, you can stop it in any time due to the conversion engine is used by the multi-threads. You can save your conversion work in a project file (.batch-doc2chm) for re-use. You can run the batch-doc2chm project in Microsoft Windows Explorer or command line directly. The main features of Batch DOC TO CHM Converter: Convert Word DOC/DOCX (*.docx,*.doc,*.htm,*.html,*.mht,*.mhtml,*.rtf,*.txt,*.pwd,*.psw) to CHM / Compile HTML Help automatically. Batch convert DOC to CHM with GUI that supports powerful search function. Supports convert a doc/docx file. Supports convert doc/docx files in a folder. Supports context menu with Microsoft Explorer. Supports command line. The KEYWORDS of Batch DOC TO CHM Generator: doc to chm,docx to chm,word to chm,help authoring tool,word doc to chm help,doc to chm converter,word to help,doc to help,word to html help


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