AppFace User Interface Development Kits

Components and Libraries


Want to improve your application user interface ? Need a skinnable library to create a skinnable application? AUDK is the best application skinnable solution for you! AUDK means AppFace User Interface Development Kits ,which is a WYSWYG windows software User Interface skinning solution,including the skinable library, the visual application skin maker,the detailed document and the skinned sample projects . The skin control appface.dll is component of many skinned controls in fact ,it can skin all the created windows automatically in the target application. Developers need load and unload this skinnable components only to add a skin for their applications . Step 1 . Copy the needed files and function declare to the project . Step 2 . Before the first window being created call : SkinStart("yoururf.urf",0,0,1,0,0) ; Step 3. Before the process being terminated call : SkinRemove(); Compile ... all is OK! Your software has a larruping skin now ! It's so easy ! The skinning components appface.dll is not a activeX control but a standard windows dll ,it is only 210 KB,compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003,supported VC,VB,BCB,Delphi,DotNet.Users can download a lot of skins from for free and design their own unique and creative skins with the visual skin tool! AppFace,make your software skinnable with two lines source code!


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