Afalina Soft XL Report G2 for C++Builder

C and C Tools and Components


Excel power in your apps:<br> * Excel workbook as a template - easy to learn<br> * Sort, group, and total - in a report itself<br> * AutoFiter and outline view - true live reports<br> * Multiple-sheet reports - fast and flexible<br> * Pivot tables - the easiest step to OLAP<br> * Excel macros - at your fingertips<br> <br> And a single line of code: <br> Begin<br>  xlReportG2.Report(true);<br> End;<br> // or just one click in IDE...<br> <br> <a href="">Take a quick tour of XL Report G2</a> <br><br>Delphi 4, 5; C++Builder 4, 5; Excel 97, Excel 2000


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