AbRemote Pro

C and C++ Tools and Components


Mufti-directional connection capabilities bypassing office LAN firewall restriction, and allow you to access your office remote desktop from ANYWHERE. Data compression that greatly improves transmission efficiency under low bandwidth. Automatical connection restablishment. Once your remote desktop connection is disrupted, AbRemote will automatically re-establish the remote desktop connection for you. Support multiple files and folder transfer. Extremely efficient files and folder searching and data transmission protocols that is much faster than FTP transfer and windows system file transfer. The out performance is more obvious when the number of files is increased. File transfer interruption resuming capability allowing you to cancel current transferring, and next time you can continue the file transfer from the last stop point. Dynamical IP change notification capability. If your home computer is connected to a router with ADSL connection, then your router IP address may be dynamically reallocated for a certain period. AbRemote provides a IP change notification scheme by that you can send the renewed home router IP address to your email account; your office computer will automatically read email to find your renewed home router IP address and connect to you by that address. Encryption with RSA Security's RC4 cipher and Smart Card authentication. Bandwidth utilization mechanisms like data compression, bitmap caching over low-bandwidth connections. Clipboard mapping allows users to delete, copy, and paste text and graphics between applications running on difference computers. Printing service allows users to access the remote desktop's printing facilities. Sound redirection bring the sound occurring on the remote office computer to the home computer. Buy it once, use it forever! Continuous technical support! FREE upgrade! NO yearly administration charge! NO further charge!


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