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mdNavMobile is a waypoint-based GPS navigation solution for the Windows Mobile platform. It can guide you from waypoint to waypoint while keeping you informed of all relevant navigation data. All NMEA-data from a GPS is automatically logged to file so you can 'replay' a trip with variable speed. mdNavMobile Features - GPS info: Latitude, Longitude, COG, SOG, Height, Satelites, HDOP and NMEA-stream - Waypoint info: CTS, DTG, TTG, VMG, XTE - Trip info: Total distance, Start, Travelled distance/time, DTG, TTG, ETA - Reverse and Reset trips - Scroll to next/previous waypoint - Logs full NMEA stream from GPS to Storage Card - Simulation using NMEA-log files with variable speed (factor 0.01-100) - Create/Edit Trips and Waypoints - Trip-files also editable with notepad - Totally free


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