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PhotoFrame is an original viewer – screensaver. Your pictures will be opened much faster because of our new JPEG/GIF/BMP decoder. PhotoFrame offers a user a customizable slideshow. we have developed numerous effects that will transform you Palm in a real multimedia presenter. You may easily choose the number of the desired effects or switch random choice of the effects. PhotoFrame offers a user quick access to all images stored in the internal memory and on the memory card of your Palm organizer. You may easily choose images from any folder of Your handheld for the slideshow. You can also accompany the slideshow with your favorite music using internal MP 3 player (available for Tungsten T5, Treo 650 and Zire 72) or external Pocket Tunes MP3 player. PhotoFrame also offers a user a customizable digital clock that supports all Palm Date and Time formats. A user can easily change the digits’ and background’s color and opacity. We offer you’re a unique possibility to move the clock about the screen with a single tap of the stylus. We hope that you appreciate all the features that will allow you to design the viewer – screensaver according to your likes. Features - Advanced Slideshow mode - «Gratifying to the eye» Slideshow effects - Quick access to all images stored on the handheld or external memory card - Easily customizable digital clock - User-friendly interface - External MP3 player support (PocketTunes only) - Internal MP3 player support (for Tungsten T5, Treo 650 and Zire 72) - 5-way navigator support Technologies - Fully optimized for the new ARM based devices - High quality realtime alpha blending and advanced 2x antialiasing - Fast JPEG/GIF/BMP decoding - Fast image processing: opacity, scale, movement and rotation - Intellectual "In cradle" technology Update description - New effects are added. - Minor bug fixes.


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