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Do you want to save money on you cell phone bill? - Articulation may be for you. If you are near a WiFi or Bluetooth hotspot you can use your PDA to make telephone calls at a fraction of the price of a cell phone call. Articulation is an easy to use application that turns your Palm PDA into a VoIP Phone, enabling you to make and receive telephone calls using the internet. Articulation is the first service independent VoIP phone for PalmOS. In order to use articulation you need a Palm PDA that has the following: * PalmOS 5.x and above. * Palm based PDA with speaker and microphone (T|X & T5 need external mic) * Wireless internet connection (Wifi/Bluetooth/GPRS/EDGE/EVDO) * VoIP Service Provider connection. Articulation can be used with most providers. Features * SIP VoIP protocol * Silence supression and GSM codec for low bandwidth links * Echo cancellation for hands free operation * Turns your PDA into a WiFi Phone (or Bluetooth/EV-DO/GPRS Phone) * Lookup and dial from you contact list * Works in the background * Support multiple VoIP accounts * 24 Speed Dials * Voice mail notifications Important: Before purchasing you must try Articulation with your network and service provider to check that call quality is acceptable - some network configurations are not suitable for VoIP. The unregistered version of Articulation places a time limit on calls.


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