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Get the Absolute Fastest and Easiest YouTube Downloader Available! It can't be any faster without reading your mind. jiffieTube is the *only* YouTube Downloader that works natively with Internet Explorer for a totally hassle-free download. Wherever you see a YouTube video you just click on the jiffieTube icon 1 time and everything else is automatic... jiffieTube... ** Downloads the Video (even in HD, if it's available) ** Converts the Video to a Standard Format ** Adds it to Your Video Library ** It Evens Adds it Straight to Your iPod or iPhone if You Want. ** All With 1-Click! This amazing software is so easy... even my Mom can do it! And that's saying something! No additional software to run. Forget about dozens of confusing video format options. No websites to visit... and no rejections because the server is full like so many web-based converters. It works right in Internet Explorer. Where you find the video is where you get the video. 1-Click does it all. Get it today...

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