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XR PerfMon Tools remotely monitors MS Windows computers using WMI technology, providing valuable information for system administrators to optimize the efficiency and setup of servers and workstations. XR PerfMon Tools can get from a computer more than 1 million different variables, including: * many performance counters like disk usage, memory consumption and CPU load * the Computer Health variable, which is calculated with the most important computer status parameters and expresses in just one value the overall computer performance * hardware information, like cooling fan speed, CPU temperature and memory bank status * operational system information, like running version, installed updates, registry entries and logged users * application specific information, if it is available (depends on the application) * user defined variables, allowing any customized expressions built with raw variables read from a specific computer XR PerfMon Tools has been built using a multi-threaded core and an optimized data sampling algorithm, providing its high performance operation. All historical data is stored in a built-in database engine that uses a massive compressing algorithm. This algorithm guarantees a small disk usage for stored data, even if you are monitoring a large number of devices and variables. It also uses a client server architecture that lets you connect to the real-time data server or historian server from any other workstation in your network using Tag Explorer (or an OPC client, when using OPC enabled versions). XR PerfMon Tools gives to the user a flexible and reliable solution to monitor critical mission servers and workstations, even if you have a huge sized application or environment. An OPC server is available in other license options and it provides open connectivity to the industrial world.

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