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Visual Shield Protection against All Types of Crashes. PC crashes are inevitable, but with Digital Milky Way VisualShield you can work in confidence. It intercepts not only program crashes (the most common type of crash) butalso many system freezes, 'blue screens,' and system crashes. With Digital Milky Way VisualShield, you can usually resume your work without restarting your computer. If you require a simpler solution to free you from the niggling frustrations often associated with using a PC, then Digital Milky Way Visual Shield is the answer. It is a simple to use product. The operations are hidden from view. It runs automatically, in the background detecting and preventing computer problems from affecting the performance of your system. Losing work because of applications crashing or locking up will become a rarity as the Digital Milky Way Visual Shield product offers you instant application recovery. In the unlikely event that your system does crash Digital Milky Way Visual Shield will stabilizethe application long enough for you to save your work. It can even unfreeze hung applications when your PC is notresponding to your mouse or keyboard. Deactivated after up to 2 hours


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