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TurboMule is joining the world of file-sharing bringing state-of-the-art technology to the P2P game. It is a very potent and dependable application, ideal for searching, downloading and sharing various types of files such as Movies, Music, Software or other. TurboMule is designed to combine the essential features of a P2P client deploying at the same time innovative methods to use them. Starting with a very functional and highly enjoyable interface and ending with a truly abundance of distinct options, the program is the happy marriage between efficiency and visual. Whether you are new at this downloading business, or you are a genuine download addict, this application will definitely meet your expectations and provide the easiest and safest way to download and share. It is compatible with Kad and eD2K networks and it allows multiple simultaneous downloads. On start up, the program can show splash screen, start minimized or start with Windows. After choosing the file you want to download you also have the possibility to choose the method to do it - using Server, Global Servers, Kad network or File Donkey (Web). TurboMule is a totally FREE software with NO Adware or Spyware attached! FEATURES: minimize to system tray; display percentage of download completion in progress bar; show download info on category tabs; automatically clears up files when finished; show additional toolbar on transfers window; auto connect on startup, reconnect on loss or show overhead bandwidth. add files to download in paused mode; add new shared files with autopriority; add new downloads with autopriority; auto clean up file names of new downloads; transfer of full chunks to all uploads; download of preview chunks first; watch clipboard for eD2K file links; use advanced calculation method for remaining time; start the next paused file when another is complete; recollect downloaded files;recollect cancelled files;

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