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The Social Entertainment Network ™ (SEN) *** SEN is a social club! A great way to meet new people for friendship, romance, contacts, or just to chat to pass the time. Like a virtual cocktail party that always draws a great crowd, SEN gives you the opportunity to interact with other members in real time, using your computer. *** SEN is a fast, fun and safe way to meet new people Download free software and in minutes you can browse pictures, profiles and personals of other members. SEN has powerful features for social networking and online dating. Talk to anyone you think looks interesting with the best chat and IM anywhere! *** Parties and events! Meet other SEN members at events in venues near you. See pictures of past events on our web site! Subscribe to the party list on to get VIP invitations to SEN events! *** Are you married or have a significant other? SEN isn't just for online dating. SEN is a great way for couples to meet other couples with similar interests. Meet others with children the same age as your own, or people who want to go out but not to a meat market. *** Fast match making engine Browse member pictures, see who is on and jump into a conversation instantly. You can hang out in a group using SEN Venue rooms, or have some fun with the built in match making software. *** Make professional contacts! SEN has a built in contact notepad so you can keep notes about anyone you meet. A single click on a person's name in your contact list brings up your personal notepad and conversation history! *** SEN is currently free and will remain so for some time. SEN is a software utility designed to address some of the difficulties people have finding opporunities to socialize while living a busy lifestyle. For more information, screen shots, or to download the software, please visit Thank you! The SEN Programming Team

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