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SongSpy is a new music sharing program designed from the ground up to be the ultimate service of its kind. If you fancy yourself an unselfish music enthusiast, SongSpy's 'give and take' philosophy is just the seriously tricked out gateway to 24/7 downloads you've been looking for. SongSpy takes the work out of expanding your music library while making sure that none of your good stuff sits around on your hard drive out of circulation. This release is somewhat of a peace offering to tide everyone over until the next release. It features our new Bug Catcher system to provide a way for those of you experiecing serious bugs a way to easily send us useful information when they happen. If you ever see the Bug Catcher form please mail us the Bug Code on it. That should help us make the next version more stable and useful than ever. You'll need to create and register a free user name and password after the installation.

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