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SimplestNet is an adaptable and effective web solution which meets the needs of those enterprises seeking to take charge and shape their own destiny. It allows for efficient, centralized document management within a secure environment, even for those companies facing geographic issues and challenges. The electronic mail messaging notification system eliminates the workload requirements of one associate, by directly advising colleagues of document modifications. Its architecture permits the development of precise and sophisticated applications as well the customization of its entire interface and business logic. In addition, the SimplestNet content-management application is capable of editing various elements of a website, such as text, images, events and others. SimplestNet is based upon “open-source” technology using PHP and MySQL, which supports the installation of this application on servers such as Microsoft IIS and Linux Apache. Views as well as categories utilize XML-XSL Transformations (XSLT), enabling the same data to be displayed in a variety of formats such as HTML, Text, SVG (Scalar Vector Graphics), plus a host of others. By implementing the action-view model as defined by PHP modules, themselves intranet objects, SimplestNet can, as a result, adapt to the changing needs of an organization. This technology, for example, permits the definition of quality-control forms requiring approval, execution, and subsequent filing. Being that the system is object-oriented, this application possesses all of the basic functionalities which serve as a solid foundation for all other intranet objects, for instance: file attachments for each object, multiple-version support, customized security options, ability to contain child objects, to name but a few. Categories serve to determine both the specificities and functionalities of an object.

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