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The typical security software is absolutely useless in combating unauthorized data leakage caused by your employees' negligence or intentionally harmful actions. Firewalls and AV-based security systems cannot protect you from theft of your company's confidential information by employees that have authority to access that data freely due to their duties. A successful company's most trustworthy and devoted employees often become characters in attacks planned by your competitors; they are bribed, blackmailed, threatened. SecretsSaver is a fundamentally new system for guarding your confidential data from threats originating from your company's (once) most trustworthy and devoted employees. SecretsSaver will arm your company's security administration with these unique capabilities: ? Restrict IT department employees' access to confidential data. ? Classify data stored on employee workstations and corporate servers by its level of confidentiality. ? Assign each employee a personal access level to allow or disallow the employee to access certain information. ? Restrict unauthorized distribution of confidential information by applying data confidentiality and employee access levels. ? Dynamically adjust employees' permissions to access data transmission hardware (diskettes, flash drives, and the Internet) depending on the employees' access permissions and level of confidentiality of documents being processed. ? Provide detailed reports on using confidential data. SecretsSaver has a compact and clear management interface based on the terminology that is common and clear to business users. Deployment of the SecretsSaver data security system will let corporate users prevent not only accidental data leaks but also, most importantly, intentional theft (stealing) of confidential corporate data.

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