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Rtube is completely free when you share it on your facebook! Rtube is specialized in quick and fullscreen access to online video's and downloads. With Rtube you can: * Batch downloading (Download multiple video's in 1 click) * Search any url for Youtube videos (Also available in Rtube-Firefox addon) * Browser with Download "detection" (Visit a webpage, and download all the media!) (HTTP-downloader) * Scroll trough the endless video thumbnails list. * Click a thumb and watch the video in fullscreen. * Download online video's! (http,https,RTMP,MMS) * Watch/Download adult video's * Convert media files to other types (ex: download a flash music video(flv) and convert it to mp3 for listening @ your mp3player) * RvrtRip (Save as mp3 and listen to the belgium public radio station) * Browse the web with Flash content (without installing Flash player) * One click RTMPDump downloads. * Open .flv,.swf,.mp4,.ogg,.ogv or .wav filetypes and website-links, from your Windows explorer or Linux/Mac * ESC/F11:fullscreen, PGdown/PGup: play next/previous video A few supported sites: YouTube.com Google web (Search all video sites) CNN.com ABCnews Sky News Facebook.com/videos Spike.com LiveLeak.com Metacafe.com Break.com vids.MySpace.com Veoh.com Southparkstudios.com Reuters.com ARD.de NDR.de Rtbf.be Eurosport VRT: DeRedactie.be VRT: Sporza.be VRT: Cobra.be VRT: Ketnet.be VRT: Een.be/mediatheek VRT: Video.Canvas.be UitzendingGemist.nl beta.UitzendingGemist.nl (Silverlight) RTL.nl RTL.nl TV-programs Videos.nieuws.nl BNN 101.tv KanaalZ.be (nl) CanalZ.be (fr) ROBnet.be TVbrussel.be ATV.BE TVoost.be RingTV.BE Focus-wtv.TV Tvl.BE Tvl.NL VT4.be ZoomIn.TV (EN/NL/FR/DE/ES/IT) TMF.be NRJ.fr - live SoundCloud.com ...and many more ------------------- Convert video/sound files ------------------- The complete adult-list can be found at: rsolution .be/rtube-adult-sites


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