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PlaceCam v.3 videoconferencing delivers professional, server-less, peer-to-peer videoconferencing directly between personal computers. PlaceCam uses AES encryption, video filtering, and patented technology to provide secure connections across IP networks for all video conference applications. PlaceCam incorporates a proprietary wide-screen video format, enhanced video quality, and dynamic controls that provide superior performance for all bandwidth connections. Whether for individual video chat, small business communication, widespread corporate training or video streaming, PlaceCam enables effortless, immediate and secure connections. It avoids the need for specialized hardware or expensive dedicated rooms and is as easy to use as email or making a phone call. PlaceCam supports all IP-based transmission-media, and the patented Multicast technology manages multi point conferences world-wide without the expense and protocols of an MCU or expensive servers. Multiple language options facilitate world-wide conferencing. PlaceCam is ideal for all connections whatever the connection parameters, since bandwidth allocation is dynamically adjusted for optimal presentation under all conditions. PlaceCam displays videos for up to 10 conference participants and allows up to 100 total conference participants. Full collaboration enables participants to share not only static documents, but also video, animations and mouse movements. As a result, any conference participant, with permission, may edit any shared document, control shared applications, and even receive the documents directly. PlaceCam also provides one-click, simultaneous recording of any video conference session, including all application sharing activities. All archived conference recordings may be easily accessed for personal review, for meeting compliance requirements, or for on-demand training or web streaming presentation at any time Download your fully-functional, 30-day trial version of PlaceCam v.3

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