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Personal File Server is web based software that allows website visitors to download and upload files using only their favorite browser. It is a very extensible solution in sharing audio/video files, documents or any other file type with ease. Files can be shared with colleagues and friends on a network, intranet or internet without needing any 3rd party software or a browser plug-in. It is also a very robust solution for customized user management with permissions. Personal File Server includes many built-in features including a customizable port based HTTP server, visitors and user authentication system, password protection of directories and files, ban management system, client and session based bandwidth control, session status, files and folders virtual files system, user limits, session limits and router tunneling support. It is much easier to setup and easier to control then any standard or advanced ftp server. It also takes complete logs of user access, with session management and customizable option for selected objects to log. With Personal File Server it is very easy to host multiple files and folders including but not limited to audio/video files, documents, photos or pictures, spreadsheets, and even user restricted source code without needing to move any data on your drive. The built-in Virtual File System (VFS) lets users to deeply penetrate any customized version of files and directory structure with limit less features to support user interaction, limits, permissions and restrictions. Separate configurations can be made for pre-configured virtual systems and can be reloaded anytime making it so simple!


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