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Powerful binary newsreader/Usenet file downloader with fast cross-group search engine. Only Ozum lets you preview/listen individual parts of multipart audio/video files before downloading and assembling the whole file. Includes a built-in viewer for images, programmable automatic news scanning robot and freeware autoposter. Features: - Fast cross-group search engine, active binary groups directory - Easy to use with huge multi-million article groups: no need to download any headers - Custom highlighing of terms of interest, automatic highlighting of search terms - Easy browsing of huge groups with custom terms highlighted - Custom filters - One-click downloading of file sets/collections - Splitting large jobs for automatic ultra-fast parallel downloading - Automatic set sampling - Preview of individual parts of video/audio files - Full yEnc support - reading and posting - Automatic processing of rar files - Automatic constructing and posting of image indexes - Automatic building and posting CSV files with collections - Automatic recognition and assembling of multipart posts - Double click image indexes - Easy to use drag-n-drop interface for downloading and posting - Support of encrypted (SSL) connections - Automatic splitting of large files when posting - Programmable timer - Resource (traffic, on-line time) spending control - Automatic establishing of Internet connection in programmed mode - Unlimited number of projects - customised working environments - Unlimited number of news servers - Unlimited number of groups - Unlimited number of articles - Run several downloading/posting jobs concurrently - Two-level optional password protection for kids and from kids - Easy and intuitive Windows Explorer like interface - In-built picture viewer - Thumbnail and article directory views and file sorting - Comprehensive Help manuals and tips on the Web site - Freeware autoposter - Very low cost per value ratio


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