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  • Developer: Okapiland Products
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Okapiland Explorer is an Internet navigator with new intuitive interface for web search and RSS reader that immediately displays 10 linked pages instead of 10 hyperlinks with a contextual information explaining the contents briefly. Okapiland Explorer is a personal HTTP server with Google and Yahoo APIs working in your PC between your browser and sites, which are web search and RSS. It can reduce the number of steps required reach your excepted pages. To prevent unexpected intruder, the contents other than static code, e.g. HTML and image, are filtered not to upload at displaying the linked pages. Okapiland Explorer can give you same navigation of current web search. The intuitive interface gives you 10 linked pages as the result of web search, and takes more time than the current interface. But the current interface needs more action to display the linked pages. Which is efficient, comfortable and preferable? Both have advantage and disadvantage. The intuitive interface has been developed as an alternative of the current interface so that web search will be more useful and powerful to reach your expected pages.


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