Firefox Okapiland Plugin

Network and Internet
Web Browsers
  • Developer: Okapiland Products
  • Home page: visit
  • License type: Free
  • Size: 556.73 KB
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Firefox Okapiland Plugin is added as one of search plugins (Yahoo search in composite page mode) in FireFox Search Bar. For example, the usage of these search engines is that Yahoo or Google search is for quick search, and Yahoo search in composite page mode is for deep search. Firefox Okapiland Plugin is bundled with Okapiland Explorer. Okapiland Explorer is Web Search, Blog Search, RSS Reader and Book-Reader in composite page mode that displays linked pages themselves in addition to hyperlinks. All pages can be displayed by scrolling the pages. Internet Search is good for the quick search or clear search, but the deep search or ambiguous search requires your effort. The composite page mode can save your operation. To prevent unexpected intruder, the contents other than static code, e.g. HTML and image, are filtered not to upload at displaying the linked pages.

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