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Newsgroup Extractor automatically downloads and decodes posts to Usenet newsgroup and extracts any possible resources : pictures , music and movies , contact information and more. The tool can work across multiple groups and servers at the same time allowing You to take full advantage of high-bandwidth Internet connections. It reassembles multipart posts and includes real-time rendering of thumbnails when downloading images. The product supports regular expression parsing for complex filtering capabilities based on subjects, filenames or content of the messages. NE downloads, decodes, and reassembles any file, including movies, music, pictures, and even software. If you want to save time on newsgroups, Newsgroups Extractor is a must. Our Newsgroups Robot supports the new Yenc encoding format, in addition to traditional encoding methods such as UUencode , Mime, and Base-64 including easy setup with the configuration wizard, support for an unlimited number of newsservers, multipart decoding and display in a single line, publishing tool includes file manager.

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