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Browsing with an FTP cleint is always fascinating: we can navigate through the folders and files of a remote server as if they were on our own hard disks. You can simultaneously upload or download a maximum of 3 files or folders per server. While transfers are running in the background, you can also browse one or more servers. An address book helps you to quickly connect to your favourite FTP servers. Without downloading you can preview JPEG, GIF, BMP, ICO, EMF and WMF images - handling a maximum of 15 files simultaneously. You can listen to MP3-s without fully downloading them: a preset amount of the file is downloaded and fed into your favourite mediaplayer, so you don't have to download some music you don't like. What more, you can do the same with MPEG videos, too! You can even "peep into" text files. NetFinger is skinnable and comes with a set of 5 different skins. You will have no problem using this software behind a firewall of proxy server, either.

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