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Want to be up to date with all your Google Finance portfolio courses? Tired of dependence to the internet access and affection towards PC? Then My Portfolio software is a need to you. To start using this software immediately you have to have internet access to the internet and valid login and password to enter your Google Finance portfolio. My portfolio software downloads info directly from Google Finance. At first, you should indicate your login and password. After updating the profile you will have all the info as a list with the following columns: - Symbol - Last price - Change in percent - Mkt cap You can see also full details of every portfolio item. It helps you to know everything more detailed. Also there is ability to update the portfolio automatically with the help of AutoRefresh feature. You have only to set the exact number of minutes, after which the profile will be updated. There is also ability to save history of portfolio courses. You have just enter the start and end date of history recording. The application is fully customizable according to your needs. My Portfoio Software is easy to use with friendly interface. Key Features: - Freeware application - Up to date Google finance portfolio courses on your mobile phone - Portfolio updates automatically and manually, it depends on your needs and wishes - Ability to record history of portfolio courses. For example, if you have forgotten some needful data, you will just press one key button and you will be able to access for the needed info - Easy to use with friendly interface Registration Information The version is fully functional and is freeware. If you like its idea and would like to contribute in its further development, you are welcome to donate.

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