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For those who need to pinch pennies online, ModemSpy can track not only connect time but also telephone use time. Its configuration options let you define your cost-per-minute charges, letting ModemSpy also serve as a calculator of your running costs. Because it monitors the communications port directly, ModemSpy can be used with any modem-based communications activity. Its telephone icon sits in the tray, constantly monitoring your choice of comm ports. When you go online, a small timer optionally pops up, showing you how long you've been connected and how much it's costing you. This major update adds crash recovery for calls, multiple-user support, autodialing/cost tracking for regular phone calls, and a 'quick calculate' feature that lets you estimate the cost of a call before you make it. Currently downloaded more than 3000 times from ZDNet's HotFiles alone, appeared on a leading Internet magazine, and is distributed around the world on ZDNet's CD-ROM, Modem! Spy is the best choice of timing system.Requires the VB 4.0 Runtimes.


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