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Search files as large as 4 gigabytes! Fast searching at over 1 gigabyte per minute* ! Search in hex,ascii or even a mix. C and Java programmers can use \n \r \t and other characters in a search. Perform search and replace. Measure and Cut locations from one file to another. Perform counts of hits found. Example: Search for how many times the word CD-ROM appears in a file. EBCDIC to ASCII translation. Even create you own custom translations! View data as ASCII text file or HEX. Context color highlighting in text view. Programmers box to display HEX data as numeric values. Performs INTEL or MOTOROLA formats. Store locations for later quick reference (Bookmarks). Explorer integration. Drag and drop file support. Multithreaded searching. Open unlimited files at one time and search them all concurrently. Encrypt and Decrypt any part of file. Unlimited undo ! Not only do you get a Windows Hex Editor, but you also get a console Win32 version and a DOS version which works on DOS 3.3 and above! As a bonus you'll also get a printscreen capture utility.

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