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The LookLOCAL Firefox Toolbar is a convenient extension to the Firefox browser that enables you to map a location, get directions, or search for products and services from any web site or page you are on without first navigating to an online mapping site. Highlight and right click on a search topic, an address in your browser window or type an address directly into the toolbar, click "go", and your search results will display on LookLOCAL, the ultimate personalized online mapping portal. LookLOCAL allows you to access and compare map and satellite data from Google Maps, Yahoo! Local Maps, and Live Search Maps. Search for businesses, get directions, explore and discover using LookLOCAL's PDT-enabled user interface. LookLOCAL allows you to: * Access and compare map and satellite data from Google Maps, Yahoo! Local Maps, and Live Search Maps. * View traffic reports and traffic cameras in cities across North America or the UK. * Navigate to your city of choice, click the "traffic" tab, and begin planning your travel route around areas of congestion. * Select the Explore Vacation Spots tab and explore popular vacation destinations, top golf courses, or add your own KML layer to display. LookLOCAL provides a Web 2.0 geographic platform for you to intuitively organize, display, and interact with your photo, video, text, and other files. Requirements Operating system: Browser: Hardware: File format: File size: MS Windows 2000 and later Firefox 1.5 or higher min. 1GHz CPU, 256MB RAM .xpi 30 KB Installing the LookLOCAL Firefox Toolbar 1. Click the "Download & install" link at the top of this web page from within a Firefox browser window. 2. The install wizard will appear. 3. Click 'Install Now'. 4. You will be prompted to close all FireFox windows. 5. Restart FireFox. 6. The new toolbar will be ready to use.

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