Longator 2004

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Longator 2004, a browser which is based on the kernel of Internet Explorer. It brings you a superior internet enjoyment, by outstanding interface with convenience and comfortable browsing. Drag links and drop them on the address bar, which you can open a new web page immediately, the delicate multi-tab browsing design, which you can view multiple Web pages in tabbed windows. You can first browse the other completely downloaded-webpage when the more complicate web pages are still downloading, highly improved the browsing efficiency. Having exploited the most advanced skill of skin, you can switch your software into the most beautiful interface, such as Safari of Apple interface, Microsoft most updated Windows Longhorn, Netscape7, MSN Explorer, RealPlayer10 etc, even you can design your own skin. Features Skinned window frame. Seamless integration the search engine ¨C Google, allowing for searches multiple sites at once. View multiple Web pages in tabbed windows. Drag and open a new web page at any time. Easy, familiar user interface - users of Internet Explorer will know how to use Longator 2004 in minutes. Convenient way for bookmark management. Download Flash file from the Web pages. Quickly preserve web pages on background. Collect messages. website login Custom-built search Support multiple languages. Free-zooming of any web page.

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