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IE7pro modifies IE's default tab management features to add several options like double clicking to close the tab, undo closing tabs, enable Super Drag n Drop where dragging a link and dropping it anywhere else on the page opens it in a new tab or dragging and dropping any selected chunk of text opens the results of searching it via the default search engine. IE7pro also adds an Ad blocker that uses a blacklist of sites to block ads in web pages. It can also block ads delivered as rich media like Flash movies. It also allows crash recovery, which lets a browsing session be restored in case the browser crashed. The contents of a tab can be saved as an image as well. Mouse gesture support is also added by IE7pro. It ships with a set of predefined gestures which can be customized later. IE7pro adds support for Greasemonkey like user scripts, these are site-specific Javascript code that adds certain functionality to websites, or modifies the behavior of certain aspects of sites to make it compatible with the browser. It also includes a proxy switcher, and a word-wheeled in-page search bar, which overrides Internet Explorer's search bar, like the search functionality in Firefox and the InlineSearch add-in for IE. Version 0.9.18 also adds a spell checker. IE7pro adds a button in the status bar which notifies the status of whether proxies are being used, and provides access to the configuration interface, and certain other functionality

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