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  • Developer: Fred Moore
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  • License type: Commercial
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FMReader...Is a TABBED browser, allowing you to open many pages at once. View one page while others load in the background. ...Reads Web pages out loud, one page after another, allowing you to Listen To the Web for hours. Listen to the USA Today or the Wall Street Journal all day as if it were a radio station...all the while you browse other pages! ...Reads text from any program, including AOL, Netscape, Outlook, and Word, using the Clipboard. ...Allows you as many home pages as you want. Tell FMReader what pages you want to see on startup and they'll load automatically every time. ...Open Groups of pages simultaneously. Save open pages as a Group, to make reopening them quicker. Open all pages in a Favorites folder at once. ...Blocks popup ads. If one slips through, you can easily block that page from loading again in the future. ...Saves web pages as MP3 files, allowing you to listen to the web on the go. ...Works with Internet Explorer as a Reading Tool. When you find a page in Internet Explorer that you want to hear, click on the "Read" button on the Links toolbar or Tools menu. FMReader will open and read the page you were browsing. You can then browse other pages in Internet Explorer. ...Teaches basic reading skills. There is a strong correlation between adult literacy and being read to as a child. In "Read With Me" or "Listen To Me" mode, FMReader listens to you or your child read text out loud and corrects pronunciation errors. ...Is an invaluable tool for the visually-impaired. FMReader turns text to sound, opening up the wonders of the Internet to those who "see" with their ears. ...Looks up web pages, weather, maps, word definitions, related information, and encyclopedia entries using the Search Toolbar. Search Google directly from any page. ...Highlights the most important passages of long web pages! (Requires Microsoft Word.) ...Allows you to customize word pronunciation.

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