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Employee Montor is a state of the art solution that gives you a single view of what all of your employees or network users are doing on their computers. It provides you with the LIVE readonly desktop view of the client computer. This software has been kept as simple as possible. There is not a single configuration that you have to do in order to make it up and running. So now if you are a Boss/Manager/CEO you can always have a deep insight about what your employees are doing throughout the day. So now there is no need to block chat and web access, now they all are used in your benefit because psychologically if an employee knows that he can be watched at any time, he will never misuse the resource. This software will help you creating a desciplined environment where employee is only meant to work for the time he is paid for. The solution is kept different from existing solutions that are too complex to understand and hard to analyze. It just provides you real picture of what your people are doing. Features -------- * Absoultely no configurations * User friendly and very simple interface * Floating flexible window interface, can be placed anywhere in any style * Floating Layout * Very less bandwidth consumption * Completely invisible from the users who are being monitored * Autostart, if employee restart its computer * Very simple installation * Zoom Support * Identify computers by NetBios name and IP addresses * Client software is compatible with all type of antivirus software, no configurations like others.


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