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Automate file transfers to multiple addressees with floating Drop Boxes. Deliver files to as many recipients as you need by simply dragging and dropping them onto a floating desktop icon - no need to set up FTP, email and network transfers separately! DDWidget Free ensures trouble-free delivery of anything you need to send from your computer to multiple addressees and by a variety of transports. Email attachments, FTP, and local area network transfers are supported, all at the same. DDWidget Free works on both unsecured and SSH connections. Create any number of Drop Boxes, each representing a unique set of recipients and transports. The Drop Boxes will float atop of the desktop, instantly available for accepting files to transfer. Corporate and small office users will appreciate the abilities to specify their own subjects and recipient lists to each outgoing email, access comprehensive delivery logs or receive the logs by email after each transfer. Concerned about viruses and network security? DDWidget Free allows specifying safe extension lists in order to give users the ability to send and receive files in only certain approved formats, closing the door to any possible threat of malware or leakage of confidential information. On the other hand, a list of disabled extensions can be specified in order to block only a handful of file formats and permit the others. It's also possible to allow or disallow files by their size and date. If you are sending files mostly to certain servers and recipients, DDWidget Free supports profiles of FTP options, email accounts and file filters unique to each profile. Sending files to multiple recipients has never been easier!

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