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CuteFTP is a file transfer application that's easy for beginners to use and has enough features to be useful to power users as well. It uses drag and drop, bookmarks, automatic renaming, and download resuming to make FTP easier, and it includes a macro feature that you can use to record frequent tasks and play them back later with another file. Other key features include directory upload, directory compare, remote site editing, queued uploading and downloading, complete directory overwrite and delete, and a progress rate display. CuteFTP also offers MP3 and file searching; a persistent file transfer feature that automatically reconnects and resumes a transfer until the file requested has been successfully uploaded or downloaded; a Site Wizard designed to aid users in connecting to their FTP sites; integration with CuteHTML; right-click action on your PC to automatically send files to selected sites; connection/transfer error prompts; Windows Explorer integration; remote file editing; and the ability to delete to the Recycle Bin. CuteFTP 4.0 new features include a redesigned interface, SOCKS 4 and 5 support, Smart Keep Alive, custom firewall options, Encrypted Site Manager, an auto update feature, log options, and much more. Please see the expanded feature list for more details.Don't let the name fool you--CuteFTP packs a powerful punch. From simple file transfers to Web site management, this client does just about anything. We are particularly pleased by some of the new features in this latest version.This download is a 30-day trial version and includes CuteHTML. At the end of the 30-day trial period, some functions of the program will be disabled, and CuteFTP will begin displaying banner ads. Some of the disabled functions include multiple file uploads and downloads, queue functions, Transfer Scheduler, site-to-site transfers, deleting files, changing file attributes, and many others.

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