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Colasoft has released Capsa 6.7, a Windows network analyzer (also known as packet sniffer or protocol analyzer) that makes it easy to monitor network activities and troubleshoot network problems. Capsa performs real-time and 24/7 monitoring, advanced protocol analyzing, in-depth packet decoding, and automatic expert diagnosing. In the latest version 110 new protocols are now supported, including Time, Nameserver, Tacacs, Xns-time and so on, which means that Colasoft Capsa now supports more than 300 network protocols. In addtion, six new protocol decoders including GGP, ISMP, IGRP, EIGRP, CDP, and CGMP are added. Colasoft performs real-time packet capture and data analysis. It provides users with accurate data including network traffic, bandwidth use, network trend, users¡¯ activities and much more. With its advanced decoders and analysis engine, it gives users insights into all of their network's operations, making it easy to isolate and solve network problems. The ability of quick drilldown analysis is what separates Colasoft Capsa from other network analyzers. It allows users not only quickly locate network problems but also perform step-by-step and systematic analysis. From overall situation to in-depth packet decoding, users will know their network better and deeper. Capsa is designed to be used by both IT professionals and novice users. Problems are clearly identified, and solutions are suggested in understandable terms. The program includes tables and graphs, as well as intuitive statistics and reports. Capsa has the tools that would be expected to find in a high-end protocol analyzer, including tools to create and replay packets, and ping and scan IPs and MACs across the LAN.

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