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Complate Billing Solution Automatically Calculates total Bill for various services like Printing, Scanning etc. Facility to give discount. Deducts Surfed hours from members alloted time Facility for maintaining Collection, Due Log Administrator Can change rates very easily Reporting Solution Daily Reports Dues Report Rush Hour Report Discount Report PC Report and much more... Security Restricts user from Changing Control Panel Settings Restricts user from Changing System Properties Restricts user from Changing Internet Properties Restricts user from Browsing Network Neighbourhood. Restricts user from Deleting Files/Folders No Ctrl + Alt + Delete No Malicious Downloads from Internet Child Protection System No Viewing Adult/Porn Sites. Criminal Activities Detection System Lists all windows on each PC. Administrator can keep track of Criminal Activities taking place through internet. Remote Desktop Screenshot. Administrator can see desktop of suspecious person to verify criminal activity. Unlimited PC's Support. Unlimited Services Support. Remote PC Restart/Shut Down.


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