AdSupported Personal Stock Monitor SE

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AdSupported Personal Stock Monitor SE is an investment tool that uses the Internet to give you live continuously updated quotes and charts on your desktop for FREE. It retrieves quotes from public finance websites covering 15 markets worldwide and includes a portfolio manager that dynamically recalculates the value of your holdings, a docking stock ticker that helps you keep track of your portfolio regardless of the program you're working in, quick links to news, research and charts, a lot-by-lot holdings view and transaction register, configurable intraday, end of day and assett allocation charts, import/export capabilities from Quicken, Microsoft Money, and Metastock and much more. Personal Stock Monitor SE combines the power of online finance websites with the convenience, automation and privacy of a desktop application that is fast to download, easy to install, quick to get started in and lightweight enough to be left running all day while you work.


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