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  • Developer: innoheim
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  • License type: Commercial
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liteCam 3 is a user-friendly screen recording application which allows you to capture videos from your computer screen and record them into compact AVI file format keeping the quality of an original file. You can record streaming movies, news broadcasts, webcam shows, chat conversations or just about anything else you can see on your screen! Capture your screen on video; add audio narrations and you have instant video tutorials! You can make a quick but effective tutorial/presentation with screen drawing tool. You can then convert the file so you can watch it on your smartphone and iPod. Play DVDs on your monitor and record them instantly at a fraction of the time it usually takes to capture movies from DVD. Don’t have time to sit there watching the movie while recording? No Problem! Set up timer recording and you can walk away worry free! Not used to using complicating applications? No Problem! Our easy to use audio setup wizard automatically selects your sound card and selecting video is easy as clicking and dragging. Are you using Windows Vista or 7 and worried this software won’t work? No Problem! liteCam 3 is fully tested and operational on Windows Vista and 7. If you can watch it on your computer screen, then you can capture it with liteCam 3. Innoheim believes that people are the greatest social network and that’s why we’ve made this product available at economy cost. We’re so convinced that you’ll like this product. Do not miss the great chance to download liteCam 3 and try it free of charge for 30 days! Download liteCam and start recording right away! Record it, store it or even convert it to another file format in order to play it on your portable device.

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