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i40RTCv30 is a shareware programme devoted both to control via MIDI the i40M Arranger and iS40/50, iS35 Keyboards of Korg in the Arrangement Play, Song Play, Program and Global working modalities and to manage the files arr, sty, prg and gbl. Main functionalities: Real time selection of all the factory Arrangement and Program and those available as User; Arrangement/Program/Global editing Performance Edit function Creation of new files arr, sty, prg/pgg, gbl Loading via MIDI of the files arr, sty, prg/pgg, gbl, bsq Import of files arr/sty/prg of i30 model Print of files arr and prg Search of a particular Arrangement Auto Program Selection function to select automatically in real time a Program Screen keyboard Italian or English working language User's Guide on line


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