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Bullrushsoft SWF to EXE Converter is a smart and easy-to-use wizard-like tool that enables the creation of executable files from SWF Flash files. With the help of this friendly tool you may easily compile licensed, stand-alone executables of any SWF file. Use it to protect the copyright of your SWF movie or to turn your SWF projects, games or presentations into profitable commercial products. You may also easily customize your product's information. Features and benefits: * Build desktop application without Windows program knowledge * Pack, compress and protect flash and related files(XML/FLV/JPG, etc) * Customize your product informations, icon and copyright * Pack and compress the SWF file with multiple related files into a single EXE. * Read-to-run, run on CD, no temporary files, difficult to steal * Open MS-Office document and Adobe-PDF file directly * Delay self-destruction, just a demo for your customer

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