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WinX IPOD 3GP PSP PDA MP4 Video Converter provides you with a integrated set of tool to convert Avi,Divx,Wmv,Asf,Mpeg-1,Mpeg-2,etc video format to Ipod/3GP/3g2/PSP/PDA/Mp4 video format. with this powerful tools you can easy convert all popular video movies to your Mobile device video file format. Key Features : Easy to use,you did not need any professional knowledge just choose your Mobile device from the list. High quality picuture and sound ,we guarantee high-quality to fit on your Mobile device,you did not need to worry about the audio and video quality. Support all almost popular formated video files ,Avi Divx Xvid Wmv Asf Mpeg-1 Mpeg-2 Mov ,etc. You get standard Ipod/3GP/3g2/PSP/PDA/Mp4 video files to fit your Mobile device. fast converting speed ,60 mins movie you just need 10 mins to convert it to Ipod/3GP/3g2/PSP/PDA/Mp4. Easy to add and save your custom setting . Convert Avi to Ipod/3GP/3g2/PSP/PDA/Mp4 Convert Divx to Ipod/3GP/3g2/PSP/PDA/Mp4 Convert Xvid to Ipod/3GP/3g2/PSP/PDA/Mp4 Convert WMV to Ipod/3GP/3g2/PSP/PDA/Mp4 Convert Mov (quicktime format) to Ipod/3GP/3g2/PSP/PDA/Mp4 Convert Mpeg1 Mpeg2 to Ipod/3GP/3g2/PSP/PDA/Mp4


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