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Use VideoMach to convert high-speed, time-lapse or stop-motion images to video, add music and apply various filters. HIGH-SPEED IMAGING: - Convert images captured at high-speed (crash-tests for example) to video for slow-motion analysis - Native support for Vision Research CINE, TIFF and Bayer formats used in high-speed imagers - The Matrix function allows displaying several videos side-by-side for simultaneous analysis of several videos at the same time TIME-LAPSE / STOP-MOTION / 3D RENDERING: - Turn a sequence of images into full-speed video - Add music - Display elapsed time over the images - Export to WebM format for YouTube (it's the preferred format for high-quality videos) EXTRACT IMAGES AND AUDIO: - Save individual pictures from movies as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and other image formats - Extract all pictures from a video, turn it into a sequence of images - Extract audio from one or more videos MERGE VIDEOS: - VideoMach always merges the videos. That means the output of VideoMach is always a single file (or sequence of images) containing pictures from all the input files. - Video to video, video to audio and audio to audio conversion is possible, but on the output there's only one (merged) file ADJUSTMENTS: - Set in/out point for each input video - Speed up or slow down videos - Resize, crop, rotate, add borders, change brightness, hue, saturation and much more - Overlay logos and text AUTOMATION, COMMAND-LINE AND SCHEDULED TASKS: - VideoMach can be started from another application with command-line parameters to perform automated conversions

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