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Manage Play, Convert! MP1,MP2,MP3,WAV,WMA,WMV,ASF =Managing Audio Files= Helps you to manage tons of audio files by this convenient Explorer-like user interface. ID3 Tag edit support for MP1,MP2,MP3 WMA,WMV,ASF files. Copy,cut,delete, rename files, and create folders. Sort by File name,Title,Artist,Length,Type,Quality,Size and Date Modified. =Playing Audio Files= Supported Audio/Video Formats: MP1/MP2/MP3 in MPEG version 1/2/2.5,WAV, WMA,WMV,ASF. Play modes: repeat,sequence and loop. Seek in milliseconds accurately and quickly within the playback of audio file. =Audio Format Conversion= Input Audio/Video Formats: MP1,MP2,MP3,WAV, WMA,WMV,ASF. Output Audio Formats: MP3(MP1/MP2),WAV, WMA Full decode and high-quality encode. Conversion between different sampling rates, bits per sample, stereo/mono channels support. Batch conversion support. Auto-rename when save. For the latest version,please visit http://www.softe.net


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