The Beatles 4ever!

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The most attractive Beatles multimedia center. 1) Easy-to-use song database manager; 2) powerful editor (for adding lyrics, chords, tabs, etc.); 3) advanced mediaplayer (with sound effects and playlist support); 4) convenient music organizer; 5) complete UK & US discography; 6) Web-style navigation and hyperlinks; 7) nice interface (with sidebar); 8) attractive skins support; 9) useful game; 10) song search; 11) export to RTF, HTML, TXT, XML, PDF; 12) print preview and print; 13) comprehensive songs and albums information; 14) browser for surfing WEB pages related to the Beatles; 15) The Beatles in charts of 60s (with a great number of options); 16) album covers slide show; 17) album hints; 18) funny Beatle at startup; 19) Beatles calendar for each and every day, and more.


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