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SwfBannerMaker - editor of vector graphics like a Flash. It save result in the swf-file. SwfBannerMaker is a little program, but it has many basical possibilities for drawing of animation: you can draw circles, rectangles or use a pencil; you can edit the shapes by moving of the control points of cubic Bezier curves; you can insert jpg-files and text; SwfBannerMaker has a simple timeline, that allows to create motion and shape tween; how to use motion and shape tween: if you do not change shape it is motion tween ( only scaling and rotation ) if you change shape it is shape tween The order of shapes in begin frame and in the end frame of motion and shape tween must be the same (I mean the depth) Each new shape has a maximal depth in the keyframe + 2, but you can change it in menu of tools (and press Enter) Each layer has a depth 100 HowTo make animation: in the timeline insert keyframe by clicking the right key of the mouse in the frame you desire and choose "insert keyframe"; if this is the last frame than make it two times than in the first frame of the animation click the right key of the mouse and choose "motion tween" now just move the shapes in the keyframes or change the shape (shapetween) If you want to use swf-file as a banner you must enter url in the Options->swfoptions. There you can change background color, sizes and rate(frame/sec) of movie. To save the movie just press file->export to swf


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